How has Christianity changed Western culture?  How has Christianity shaped music and the visual arts? And how has Western culture changed Christianity? The Salzburg Institute Summer Program offers a forum for undergraduates to discuss these and many other questions with international professors and artists. The summer program is designed for students interested in but not necessarily majoring in history, music, philosophy, fine arts, literature, biblical studies, communication arts, and theology. Studying in Salzburg offers students a vibrant academic experience in a city with an incredible cultural, intellectual, and musical heritage. The summer program accepts students from various religious and ideological backgrounds who are interested in exploring the arts and humanities within the context of the Christian tradition.




Undergraduates may receive up to 8 credits during the five-week program. Credits are issued through Gordon College, a fully accredited liberal arts college in Wenham, Massachusetts.  In addition to taking the Institute’s 4-credit interdisciplinary core seminar on Christian thought and culture, students can take humanities classes, applied music lessons, and art courses.  Students interested in the humanities study with distinguished faculty and scholars-in-residence at the institute. Music majors study voice or their instrument with international artists and faculty of the world-famous Mozarteum University. Students majoring in art take a Sketchbook class in Vienna and Salzburg and enroll in intensive drawing, painting, or printmaking courses at the International Summer Academy of Fine Arts at Salzburg’s premier landmark, the Fortress Hohensalzburg. Click here for a detailed listing of the classes offered in Salzburg.


Students also attend guest lectures, visit museums, concerts, and cultural institutions. Furthermore, students have the opportunity to attend the Salzburg Institute Symposium, the Salzburg Institute Chamber Music Concert Series, and the lectures of the Salzburger Hochschulwochen, a renowned theological lecture series at the University of Salzburg.




What Students Are Saying

“Having the opportunity to participate in the Salzburg Institute helped to spark my love for learning.  The city and all it had to offer truly became my classroom.  One morning I would be in class learning about a famous painting and that afternoon I had the chance to experience the real thing in person!”

Monika Krahn, Gordon College