While it is possible for students to participate in the Salzburg Institute Summer Program for one summer only, exceptional students, who complete two summers in Salzburg and have at least a GPA of 3.0 at their home institution and a GPA of 3.5 or higher during their studies in Salzburg, may receive the Salzburg Institute Honors Certificate.


During their second summer in Salzburg, honor students work on a capstone project and present it towards the end of the program to Salzburg Institute students and faculty. Capstone projects may include honors theses, recitals or art showings. Upon successful completion of their second Salzburg Institute of Religion, Culture and the Arts Summer program honors students receive an Honors’ Certificate conferred by the Salzburg Institute of Religion, Culture and the Arts.


What Honor Students Are Saying

“My time with the Salzburg Institute allowed me to approach my education and my identity in a new light, one that encouraged me to be curious about life, people and culture and inspired me to find my calling in perspective of a greater community. I learned that the goal of an educated mind is not simply to know facts, but rather to understand what to do with them, and that one mind can spark an idea that makes the world a better place.”
Mary Speta, Salzburg Institute Honors Student 2013, Gordon College


“The Salzburg Institute is the best example of complete liberal arts education that I have encountered. The program at first seems so diverse and interdisciplinary. As the program progresses, the disciplines begin to intersect and interact, so that the students come to realize that no area of study is isolated. Each subject area informs the others and is made more complete through this collaboration. Back at home, it is easy to mistakenly place academics apart from “real life.” At the Salzburg Institute it is quickly made apparent that the things we discuss in class are themselves very relevant to “real life.” Further, the experience of being immersed in a foreign culture lends itself very well to intellectual exploration that might be difficult in a more familiar setting. It’s a rare and special sort of learning environment.”
Julia Nelson, Salzburg Institute Honors Student 2013, Gordon College


“The single most striking facet of the Salzburg Institute is how the plurality of subjects discussed are interwoven to form a unified picture of history’s movement. Certainly, my two summers with the program taught me about the styles of Medieval sculpture, the symphonies of Schubert, and numerous philosophical or theological responses to the Holocaust; but more importantly, the Salzburg Institute helped me uncover the beautiful and all too human connections there within, elucidating a new method for learning about even the most disparate objects of human history. I owe my personal standards for a quality education to the Salzburg Institute and the instructors it amalgamates.”
Thomas Reagan, Salzburg Institute Honors Student 2012, Gordon College