The Salzburg Institute’s interdisciplinary Symphilologus book series critically analyzes important themes and concepts in European and American cultures. It features essays by international scholars working in diverse fields including history, literature, political science, film studies, art history, philosophy, and theology. The bilingual series is published with New Academic Press in Vienna, a leading publisher of academic books in Europe.


The term Symphilologus is derived from Friedrich Creuzer’s notion of “Symphilologie.” For the influential German classics scholar Creuzer (1771-1858) and other academics and poets of the Romantic period, it was imperative to break out of the boundaries of traditional academic disciplines and art forms in order to combine poetry, philosophy, religion, and philology for their poetic and academic projects. Inspired by this spirit of collaboration and interdisciplinarity, the Salzburg Institute’s “Symphilologus” book series explores timely topics from various perspectives.


The Symphilologus book series is edited by Armin Eidherr (University of Salzburg), Gregor Thuswaldner (Academic Director of the Salzburg Institute), and Jens Zimmermann (Scholar-in-Residence of the Salzburg Institute).


Sacrifices Cover 2014


The first Symphilologus volume is titled Making Sacrifices: Visions of Sacrifice in European and American Cultures. Edited by Nicholas Brooks and Gregor Thuswaldner, this essay collection deals with the complex and problematic concept of sacrifice and its numerous cultural manifestations. Even though notions of sacrifice are ubiquitous, their ideological and at times religious underpinnings often remain in the dark. The contributions to this first volume in the Symphilologus series attempts to shed light on this important element of our human experience and its manifold cultural representations. Contributors include Mark Roche (University of Notre Dame), Peter Höyng (Emory University), Caroline Kita (Washington University in St. Louis), Rebekka Schnell (University of Munich), Armin Eidherr (University of Salzburg), Helen Roche (University of Cambridge), and Timothy Malchow (Valparaiso University).


The second volume of the Symphilologus Series is titled Between, Behind, and Beyond Good and Evil in Contemporary Cultures. The collection of essays features essays by Russell Berman (Stanford University), Yaakov Ariel (The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill), and many others.